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The Skeptic

Wendy Grossman on Wikileaks and the truth about aliens. Or not.

Sci-Phi: Do societies evolve?

Mat Iredale asks is political evolution like biological evolution?

Ideas of the century: Explication 49/50

Our best 50 ideas of the century series is continued by Jon Williamson

Breaking the rules

Rebecca Goldstein on Spinoza, mattering maps, and orthodox Jewish atheists

Ideas of the century: neurotrash (41/50)

Roger Scruton is the latest contributor to our series on the best ideas of the century

Ideas of the century: happiness (40/50)

Richard Schoch continues our special series on the top 50 ideas of the century

December podcast

This skeptical edition features founder of The Skeptic magazine, Wendy Grossman; journalist, broadcaster and writer Simon Hoggart; and psychologist Christine Mohr.

Ideas of the century: evolution and ethics (39/50)

Michael Ruse takes the baton in our best 50 ideas of the century series

Ideas of the century: Naturalistic rationalism (36/50)

Christopher Norris continues our special 50th issue series

Ideas of the century: Wisdom inquiry (34/50)

Nicholas Maxwell’s contribution to our 50th issue special series