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Ruling passions

Elizabeth S Radcliffe explains how Hume put feelings centre stage.

Robot pains and corporate feelings

Edouard Machery and Justin Sytsma argue that experimental results might undercut the problem of consciousness

Sci-Phi: Why elections are literally beauty contests

Mat Iredale explains that we’re not nearly as rational as we like to think we are

Just what are your intentions?

Mark Phelan argues that our judgements about the intentions of others are not as simple as they seem

Review: The Honor Code

Matthew Pianalto welcomes an account of the role of honour in our moral lives

Is morality relative? Depends on your personality

Philosophers who think everyday morality is objective should examine the evidence, says Joshua Knobe

Playing doctor

Kevin S. Decker on the strange charm of incompetent medics

Ideas of the century: Anti-exceptionalism 50/50

The final installment of our special series is given by Timothy Williamson

Q&A: Nancy Sherman

Nancy Sherman on a soldier’s inner war

Ideas of the century: the moral psychology of war (42/50)

Our special ideas of the century series is continued by Nancy Sherman