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Spin doctors

Michael Loughlin diagnoses a problem in the debate about evidence and medicine

Ideas of the century: Disagreement (27/50)

Jean Kazez finds recent interest in disagreement most agreeable

Ideas of the century: Speculative realism (21/50)

Iain Hamilton Grant on how continental philosophy got real

Ideas of the century: Meaning grows (20/50)

Susan Haack continues our epic 50th issue series

Ideas of the century: Non-critical thinking (14/50)

Nick Fotion continues our special 50th issue series

Review: Reason in Philosophy

Nicholas Smith wants an even more progressive rationalism from Robert Brandom (below)

Profile: Rudolf Carnap

Julian Willard finds experience confirms the meaningfulness of Carnap’s philosophy

December podcast

The last Philosophy Monthly of 2009 features previously unreleased extracts salvaged from the cutting room floor from six of the best interviews of the year: Michael Frayn, AC Grayling, Jonathan Sacks, Peter Singer, Timothy Williamson and Tony Wright MP.

The problem of dogmatism

Oskari Kuusela on why Wittgenstein rejected theories

November podcast

In his latest Philosophy Monthly, tpm editor Julian Baggini is talking to the playwright, novelist, screenwriter and sometime philosopher, Michael Frayn, and John Armstrong, philosopher-in-residence at Melbourne Business School and the author of Civilisation: Remaking a Tarnished Ideal.