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Hacker ethics

Andrew Zimmerman Jones on the moral code of the girl with the dragon tattoo.

Parfit’s mountain

Jussi Suikkanen on a long-awaited book that could change our understanding of morality.

Are mercenaries just warriors?

Deane-Peter Baker on the morality of guns for hire.

Meeting human needs

The good life is the fully human life, says Richard Norman.

Parenthood and meaning

Jean Kazez on children, meaning and the good life.

Morality and the good life

Brad Hooker on whether one can live well without being good.

Just what are your intentions?

Mark Phelan argues that our judgements about the intentions of others are not as simple as they seem

Review: The Honor Code

Matthew Pianalto welcomes an account of the role of honour in our moral lives

Forgiving for good

Eve Garrard and David McNaughton ask whether it’s always right to forgive and forget

Is morality relative? Depends on your personality

Philosophers who think everyday morality is objective should examine the evidence, says Joshua Knobe