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January podcast

A discussion of utopias recorded at the 2010 Cheltenham Festival of Literature.

December podcast

This skeptical edition features founder of The Skeptic magazine, Wendy Grossman; journalist, broadcaster and writer Simon Hoggart; and psychologist Christine Mohr.

September podcast

In this edition, tpm editor-in-chief Julian Baggini talks to philosopher of biology John Dupré and the problems with genes, and the Nobel-prize winning Amartya Sen about the idea of Justice. Plus, guest reporter Antonia Macaro discusses Wittgenstein and therapy with John Heaton.

August podcast

This summer special is an edited recording of a discussion chaired by tpm editor Julian Baggini in April on addiction: should we penalise or treat? The panel comprised: Dr Nick Airey, an NHS psychiatrist specialising in addiction, John Moore (Criminology, University of the West of England), Dr Giles Pearson, (Philosophy, University of Bristol), Dr Jon Webber (Philosophy, Cardiff University).

July podcast

The latest edition features the philosophers’ football match and the Plato Code

June podcast

Sarah Bakewell, John Cottingham, and Michael Foley join tpm editor Julian Baggini to discuss how to live

May podcast

tpm editor Julian Baggini is back after an April break with another of his philosophy monthly podcasts, featuring Daniel Dennett, Richard Sorabji and John Sellars

March podcast

In this four-star edition, tpm editor Julian Baggini talks over the background hubbub of hotel bars and conference lunch tables with Jerry Fodor about what Darwin got wrong; Ben Goldacre on good philosophy and bad science; Michael Sandel on the problem with secular liberalism; and Philip Zimbardo on good people gone bad.

February podcast

In the latest philosophy monthly, tpm editor Julian Baggini is reporting on the debate surrounding the growth of the well-being agenda, and talking to the winner of the Lakatos prize for the philosophy of Science, Samir Okasha, about evolution.

January podcast

This special edition comes from Puebla, Mexico, at the Ciudad de las Ideas (City of Ideas) festival. The guests are Randy Cohen, writer of The New York Times’s The Ethicist column; Bad Thoughts author Jamie Whyte; and “new atheist” Sam Harris.