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Leo Strauss proved wrong about Plato

Jay Kennedy on how surprising new research shows that Leo Strauss got Plato wrong.

Imagine that

Jean Kazez on an unusual love affair.

Finding inspiration in Hume

Peter Millican explains why we can learn from philosophy’s past.

The Skeptic

Wendy M Grossman on psychic claimants and drug-addled egomaniacs.

Hacker ethics

Andrew Zimmerman Jones on the moral code of the girl with the dragon tattoo.

Sure of your self?

Tony Pitson on Hume’s provocative account of what we really are.

Great books

Julian Baggini takes stock of the trade in rare philosophy books.

David Hume’s impact on causation

Helen Beebee looks at how David Hume has influenced the debate about causation.

In the latest microphilosophy podcast, tpm’s editor-in-chief Julian Baggini talks to John Gray about some of the ideas that emerge from his latest book, The Immortalization Commission: The Strange Quest to Cheat Death. Download from this link or iTunes. The podcast was recorded at the Bristol Festival of Ideas in May, at the Arnolfini.

Parfit’s mountain

Jussi Suikkanen on a long-awaited book that could change our understanding of morality.