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Q&A: Nancy Sherman

Nancy Sherman on a soldier’s inner war

The end of education

Martha Nussbaum tells James Garvey why the humanities are under threat

Breaking the rules

Rebecca Goldstein on Spinoza, mattering maps, and orthodox Jewish atheists

Hacker’s challenge

Peter Hacker tells James Garvey that neuroscientists are talking nonsense

The history man

Jonathan Israel on the light shone from the heat of intellectual battles. An interview from the archive.

Philippa Foot (1920-2010)

As a tribute to Philippa Foot, whose death aged 90 was announced yesterday, we are republishing an interview that first appeared in our fifth birthday issue in 2003

My philosophy: Ben Goldacre

Ben Goldacre tells Julian Baggini why he expects rigour in the reporting of science

Floated on the ideas market

Julian Baggini meets Melbourne Business School’s philosopher-in-residence, John Armstrong

Q&A: Gregory Currie

Gregory Currie has some stories to tell

Darwin’s empty idea

Jerry Fodor tells Julian Baggini why he thinks Darwin got it wrong