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The Skeptic

Wendy M Grossman on psychic claimants and drug-addled egomaniacs.

The Skeptic

Wendy Grossman on Wikileaks and the truth about aliens. Or not.

Robot pains and corporate feelings

Edouard Machery and Justin Sytsma argue that experimental results might undercut the problem of consciousness

Sci-Phi: Why elections are literally beauty contests

Mat Iredale explains that we’re not nearly as rational as we like to think we are

Is Dumbledore gay?

Tamar Szabó Gendler asks, who’s to say?

Playing doctor

Kevin S. Decker on the strange charm of incompetent medics

Sci-Phi: Do societies evolve?

Mat Iredale asks is political evolution like biological evolution?

Word of mouse

Luciano Floridi gets intimate with the machine language of love

Word of mouse

Luciano Floridi on how to update your personal online identity

Imagine that

Jean Kazez goes GaGa in her regular arts column