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Letter from… Israel

Saul Smilansky on philosophy in Israel.

Review: Motherhood & Fatherhood

Rodger Jackson reviews two books on parenting, but loves them both just the same

News round up

Was A.J. Ayer a spy? And where is Philosophy Town?

Ideas of the century: Wisdom inquiry (34/50)

Nicholas Maxwell’s contribution to our 50th issue special series

Ideas of the century: Forgiveness (32/50)

Alexander McCall Smith with his choice of an idea that has come alive in the first decade of the century

Ideas of the century: Experimental philosophy (28/50)

Joshua Knobe continues our fiftieth issue series

Review of reviews

Darwin gets it wrong and mechanics get it right

Philosophers’ football rematch

Monty Python’s famous match is replayed in North London (Photo ©concertphotography.co.uk)

Review: The Thief of Time

Damon Young gets on with it

September podcast

In this edition, tpm editor-in-chief Julian Baggini talks to philosopher of biology John Dupré and the problems with genes, and the Nobel-prize winning Amartya Sen about the idea of Justice. Plus, guest reporter Antonia Macaro discusses Wittgenstein and therapy with John Heaton.