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December podcast

bpm200In this skeptical edition of his podcast, tpm’s editor-in-chief talks to founder of The Skeptic magazine, Wendy Grossman; journalist, broadcaster and writer Simon Hoggart; and psychologist Christine Mohr. Recorded at the Bristol Festival of Ideas to mark the publication of Why Statues Weep, the best from the first twenty years of The Skeptic. You can buy the book at 10% discount here: just enter the code SKEPTIC at checkout.

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One comment for “December podcast”

  1. I only listened to part of this and assumed it continued with the type of skepticism as the beginning portion had. I’ve said this before here, several months ago. This doesn’t seem like philosophy to me, i.e. debunking claims of chiropractics and ghost sightings. Well, at least it did sound as though you guys were enjoying one another, which incidentally is another clue that this can’t be philosophy.

    Posted by Ralph Sabella | December 8, 2010, 5:56 pm