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The blind scholar

Jim P Houston on how the fruits of the labour of a blind scholar have faired in the internet age

Ideas of the century: Character (48/50)

Jonathan Webber takes the reins as we approach the end of our special series

Ideas of the century: the moral psychology of war (42/50)

Our special ideas of the century series is continued by Nancy Sherman

Letter from … China

Paul G Harris and the relationship between China and Chinese philosophy

Hobbes got it wrong

W. G. Runciman wonders whether mistakes matter in the arguments of great philosophers

The Plato Code

Jay Kennedy’s recent paper in the journal Apeiron could transform our understanding of Plato. Now, for the first time, he sets out his ideas at length for the general reader.

Scholars react to “Plato Code” claims

Bold new claims about esoteric doctrines in the works of Plato have stirred a global debate in ancient scholarship and philosophy

July podcast

The latest edition features the philosophers’ football match and the Plato Code

What can the Stoics do for us?

Antonia Macaro investigates the alleged usefulness of Stoic philosophy for life today

May podcast

tpm editor Julian Baggini is back after an April break with another of his philosophy monthly podcasts, featuring Daniel Dennett, Richard Sorabji and John Sellars