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Sci-Phi: Why elections are literally beauty contests

Mat Iredale explains that we’re not nearly as rational as we like to think we are

What gets your vote?

Proportional Representation or First Past the Post? Alan Haworth abstains

Ideas of the Century Extra: Cultural pluralism

The bonus addition to our best ideas series is given by Bhikhu Parekh

Philosophers in power

Harry Hoare talks to some philosopher kings

January podcast

A discussion of utopias recorded at the 2010 Cheltenham Festival of Literature.

The end of education

Martha Nussbaum tells James Garvey why the humanities are under threat

Ideas of the century: The capability approach (38/50)

Our special series is continued by Ingrid Robeyns

Reviews: Optimism & Pessimism

Jean Kazez on two very different outlooks

Hobbes got it wrong

W. G. Runciman wonders whether mistakes matter in the arguments of great philosophers

Ideas of the century: Necessity and competence (33/50)

Al Martinich’s contribution to our 50th issue special series