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Breaking the rules

Rebecca Goldstein on Spinoza, mattering maps, and orthodox Jewish atheists

Ideas of the century: Disagreement (27/50)

Jean Kazez finds recent interest in disagreement most agreeable

Ideas of the century: The religious stance (22/50)

Alastair Hannay continues our series by considering religion post-secularisation

Ideas of the century: Protscience (15/50)

Steve Fuller on the devolution of scientific authority

May podcast

tpm editor Julian Baggini is back after an April break with another of his philosophy monthly podcasts, featuring Daniel Dennett, Richard Sorabji and John Sellars

Memories of Flew from colleagues and students

Former colleagues and students of Antony Flew - who died on 8 April aged 87 – have been sharing their memories with tpm.

Tribute to Antony Flew from the archives

The news was announced yesterday that Antony Flew died on 8 April, aged 87. Today we are re-publishing an essay on reason and religion he wrote for tpm in 2000

Faith in funding

As Francisco J. Ayala is announced as winner of the £1 million 2010 Templeton Prize, Ophelia Benson investigates the millions of dollars its sponsor pours into science and religion research

Between heaven and earth

Ronald Aronson on the false choice between god and science

The perverse core of Christianity

Carl Packman argues that Žižek’s theological atheism beats the crudities of “Ditchkins”