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Hacker ethics

Andrew Zimmerman Jones on the moral code of the girl with the dragon tattoo.

Are mercenaries just warriors?

Deane-Peter Baker on the morality of guns for hire.

The antisocial networker

Jules Holroyd on the motivations of Facebook’s founder.

Word of mouse

Luciano Floridi on how to update your personal online identity

Ideas of the century: Human enhancement (23/50)

John Harris on an idea which is rapidly coming to life


When we started, they didn’t exist. Now the blogs are here to stay

Ideas of the century: The philosophy of information (13/50)

Luciano Floridi on the new thinking demanded by the information age

Ideas of the century: The simulation argument (6/50)

Nick Bostrom on the likelihood that we’re already living in a virtual world

Ideas of the Century: Social networks (3/50)

Gary Banham with our third piece on the best ideas of the 21st century so far

Ideas of the Century: Conscious machines (1/50)

Igor Aleksander pens the first of fifty pieces on the best ideas of the 21st century so far