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David Hume’s impact on causation

Helen Beebee looks at how David Hume has influenced the debate about causation.

Ruling passions

Elizabeth S Radcliffe explains how Hume put feelings centre stage.

The history man

Jonathan Israel on the light shone from the heat of intellectual battles. An interview from the archive.

Review: A Revolution of the Mind

Mark Hannam on Jonathan Israel’s more digestible enlightenment

Review: In Defence of the Enlightenment

Nina Power welcomes Tzvetan Todorov’s nuanced reclamation of the Enlightenment

Retrieving the idea of progress

Brian O’Connor explains why Adorno is not the enemy of the Enlightenment

Conquering fate

Frank Furedi on the birth of a world “made by man”

Seizing power from the divine

Nicholas Rescher argues that Kant’s radicalism is widely underestimated

Debate: The real enemies of reason

Ophelia Benson and Dan Hind go head-to-head on the threat to Enlightenment values

To cry “Sapere aude!” once again

Craig Nelson on Thomas Paine and the magic of engineering