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In memoriam: the x-phi debate

Tamler Sommers pays his respects

Ideas of the century: Explication 49/50

Our best 50 ideas of the century series is continued by Jon Williamson

Ideas of the century: The liar’s loophole (45/50)

Our best ideas of the century series is continued by Roy Sorensen

Spin doctors

Michael Loughlin diagnoses a problem in the debate about evidence and medicine

The stupidity of crowds

The trouble isn’t too many bad politicians, it’s too many voters, argues Jamie Whyte.
Image (cc) Daquella Manera

Review: Logicomix

Barry C Smith follows an unlikely epic adventure

I’ll be back … or not

Bad timing spoils the Terminator movies, argue Robert A. Delfino and Kenneth Sheahan

October podcast

In his latest Philosophy Monthly, tpm editor Julian Baggini is talking to Timothy Williamson about the virtues of rigour, Simon Blackburn about ethics and emotion, and Nina Power about new and forthcoming books.

My philosophy: Guillermo Martínez

Julian Baggini meets the Argentine novelist with maths on his mind

Word of Mouse

In his latest column on philosophy and new media and technology, Luciano Floridi considers the illogical use of logic