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The antisocial networker

Jules Holroyd on the motivations of Facebook’s founder.

Imagine that

Jean Kazez goes GaGa in her regular arts column

Ideas of the century: The turn to the body (29/50)

Carolyn Korsmeyer continues our fiftieth issue series

The Fine, The Good, and the Meaningful

A gem from our archive: John Cottingham asks whether philosophy can really offer advice on happiness.

Review: The Aesthetic Unconscious

Benjamin Noys enjoys art on the couch

Ideas of the century: The cultural landscape (8/50)

In the eighth contribution to our fifty-part series, David E Cooper considers the human in nature

Q&A: Gregory Currie

Gregory Currie has some stories to tell

Imagine that

Our regular arts columnist Jean Kazez confronts her misgivings about Avatar

The film farm

Julian Baggini meets the farmer with a PhD who’s made four metaphysical movies

Disputing taste

Carolyn Korsmeyer implores us to try a different flavour of thinking