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Snapshot: Paul Rée

Lawrence Harvey gives a snapshot of the life of the German philosopher Paul Rée

Profile: Wilhelm Dilthey

Marc A. Hight on “the most important thinker of the second half of the nineteenth century”

Profile: Rudolf Carnap

Julian Willard finds experience confirms the meaningfulness of Carnap’s philosophy

Profile: Spinoza

Christopher Norris argues it is time to reconsider the Dutch master

Profile: Ernst Cassirer

Edward Skidelsky on the last philosopher of culture

Profile: Seneca

Robin Wood on the philosopher accused of fiddling while Nero fiddled while Rome burned

Profile: Giambattista Vico

Giorgio Baruchello on arguably Italy’s greatest ever philosopher.

Profile: Clive Bell

Lawrence Harvey on the significant form of the critics and thinker

Profile: Gabrielle Suchon

Séverine Auffret on the 17th century French philosopher who denounced the female condition as being deprived of the essential right to freedom, knowledge and authority.