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Ideas of the century: Anti-exceptionalism 50/50

The final installment of our special series is given by Timothy Williamson

Ideas of the century: The liar’s loophole (45/50)

Our best ideas of the century series is continued by Roy Sorensen

Ideas of the century: Animalism (44/50)

Paul Snowdon continues our top 50 ideas of the century series

Ideas of the century: Naturalistic rationalism (36/50)

Christopher Norris continues our special 50th issue series

The film farm

Julian Baggini meets the farmer with a PhD who’s made four metaphysical movies

Disputing taste

Carolyn Korsmeyer implores us to try a different flavour of thinking

The world of sounds

Casey O’Callaghan listens very carefully…

In vino veritas

Julian Baggini takes on his toughest assignment yet - drinking wine with Barry C Smith and Tim Crane

Review: New books by John McDowell

Tim Thornton grapples with a philosophers’ philosopher

How to see (5)

Richard Shusterman and David E. Cooper continue our series on the sense of sight