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Letter from… Israel

Saul Smilansky on philosophy in Israel.

The long road to equality

Julian Baggini reports on a surge of activity questioning the low representation of women

News round up

300 years of Hume, prizes and in memoriam

In memoriam: the x-phi debate

Tamler Sommers pays his respects

What is x-phi good for?

Its significance is not exactly cosmic, says David Papineau

Hungarian philosophers under threat

The world’s attention has been drawn to events in the East European country

Review: Philosophy Bites by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton

Mark Vernon approves of the transition from podcast to book

Gender and the Philosophy Club

Stephen Stich and Wesley Buckwalter present an experimental philosophy parable

In Memoriam

Philippa Foot (1920-2010) and Kurt Baier (1917-2010)

Letter from … China

Paul G Harris and the relationship between China and Chinese philosophy