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Finding inspiration in Hume

Peter Millican explains why we can learn from philosophy’s past.

Great books

Julian Baggini takes stock of the trade in rare philosophy books.

Ruling passions

Elizabeth S Radcliffe explains how Hume put feelings centre stage.

A perfectly wise and virtuous man

Barry Stroud on David Hume’s life and character.

Sci-Phi: Do societies evolve?

Mat Iredale asks is political evolution like biological evolution?

Gender and the Philosophy Club

Stephen Stich and Wesley Buckwalter present an experimental philosophy parable

News round up

Was A.J. Ayer a spy? And where is Philosophy Town?

The history man

Jonathan Israel on the light shone from the heat of intellectual battles. An interview from the archive.

Review: A Brief History of Liberty

Ian Carter sees philosophy being given a history lesson

Review: A Revolution of the Mind

Mark Hannam on Jonathan Israel’s more digestible enlightenment