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Ruling passions

Elizabeth S Radcliffe explains how Hume put feelings centre stage.

The animal you are

Paul Snowdon examines our intuitions about minds, persons and animals.

Letter from… Israel

Saul Smilansky on philosophy in Israel.

Can artificial intelligence teach us about what it means to be human? That is the fascinating question behind Brian Christian’s recent book, The Most Human Human. In his latest microphilosophy podcast, Julian Baggini is in conversation with Christian. More information here or download from iTunes.

A perfectly wise and virtuous man

Barry Stroud on David Hume’s life and character.

The antisocial networker

Jules Holroyd on the motivations of Facebook’s founder.

tpm’s editor-in-chief Julian Baggini has started a new podcast series, microphilosophy, which replaces his popular Philosophy Monthly. Each edition will be an interview, talk, discussion or feature, no longer than half an hour but usually much shorter. This first is an interview with the philosopher and theologian Richard Swinburne, conducted for Julian’s new book, [...]

Meeting human needs

The good life is the fully human life, says Richard Norman.

The Skeptic

Wendy Grossman on Wikileaks and the truth about aliens. Or not.

Philosophy that’s not for the masses

James Ladyman argues that philosophy’s inaccessibility is actually a good thing.