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Robot pains and corporate feelings

Edouard Machery and Justin Sytsma argue that experimental results might undercut the problem of consciousness

Ideas of the century: Anti-exceptionalism 50/50

The final installment of our special series is given by Timothy Williamson

Gender and the Philosophy Club

Stephen Stich and Wesley Buckwalter present an experimental philosophy parable

Ideas of the century: Animalism (44/50)

Paul Snowdon continues our top 50 ideas of the century series

Breaking the rules

Rebecca Goldstein on Spinoza, mattering maps, and orthodox Jewish atheists

Hacker’s challenge

Peter Hacker tells James Garvey that neuroscientists are talking nonsense

Ideas of the century: Neurophilosophy (19/50)

AC Grayling on what brain research is doing for philosophy

Ideas of the Century: Conscious machines (1/50)

Igor Aleksander pens the first of fifty pieces on the best ideas of the 21st century so far

Sci-Phi: Consciousness

Mind the gap