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Review: A Brief History of Liberty

Ian Carter sees philosophy being given a history lesson

Ideas of the Century: Public reason (2/50)

Catherine Audard with the second of fifty pieces on the best ideas of the 21st century so far (Photo: Kamyar Adl)

Mill in our time

Alan Haworth on how to read JS Mill’s On Liberty today

The limits of autonomy

Alex Voorhoeve on how Brian Barry, who died earlier this year, took forward the arguments of JS Mill’s On Libert

Suicide of the West?

Richard Koch and Chris Smith rue the west’s loss of nerve

Debate: academic freedom

Steve Fuller and Alan Haworth debate the merits of a ‘Statement of Academic Freedom’ by Academics for Academic Freedom

The drug laws don’t work

Michael Huemer argues we shouldn’t fight a war on drugs, we should legalise them

The genius of autonomy

Richard Reeves on J.S. Mill’s rejection of the quiet life

Free your mind

John Skorupski on the relationship between the freedoms of thought and speech

The state of liberty

John Kampfner gives Britain a freedom audit