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Ideas of the century: Naturalistic rationalism (36/50)

Christopher Norris continues our special 50th issue series

Hacker’s challenge

Peter Hacker tells James Garvey that neuroscientists are talking nonsense

Ideas of the century: Context Sensitivity and Content Sharing (30/50)

Ernie Lepore’s contribution to our series on the most important philosophical ideas of the century so far

Ideas of the century: Meaning grows (20/50)

Susan Haack continues our epic 50th issue series

Sci-Phi: Remembering Lévi-Strauss

Mat Iredale on the man who lived for a century and became an icon of one

Darwin’s empty idea

Jerry Fodor tells Julian Baggini why he thinks Darwin got it wrong

The problem of dogmatism

Oskari Kuusela on why Wittgenstein rejected theories

Review: New books by John McDowell

Tim Thornton grapples with a philosophers’ philosopher

Words don’t come easy: An interview with Ernie Lepore

Ernie Lepore argues that we still don’t understand enough about what words are. Interview by Julian Baggini.