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Philosophers’ football rematch

Monty Python’s famous match is replayed in North London (Photo ©concertphotography.co.uk)

July podcast

The latest edition features the philosophers’ football match and the Plato Code

Fancy taking a pop?

William Irwin defends the growth of books on pop culture and philosophy

The king of pain

Ward E. Jones explores the theory of comedy with The King of Comedy. (Picture: BFI Collection)

The skeptic

Wendy Grossman finds that the dramatic dice are loaded against skeptics

The skeptic

Wendy Grossman is a humourless spoilsport and proud of it

Imagine that

Jean Kazez twitters the end of the world in her regular arts column

Paraconsistent logic in The Office

Morgan Luck investigates the case of the missing Tim

All praise the Fonz

David Kyle Johnson on what Family Guy tells us about religious toleration

Guilty giggles

Catherine Yu asks if it’s okay to laugh at South Park