September podcast

bpm200It’s an all-atheist edition of tpm editor Julian Baggini’s Philosophy Monthly, with novelist Christopher Brookmyer and psychologist Susan Blackmore discussing the alleged aggression of the new atheists and a universe without meaning. The ethicist Peter Singer also defends his brand of utilitarianism.

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Julian Baggini - Baggini's Philosophy Monthly - Baggini's Philosophy Monthly

  1. Its a good job Susan Blackmore doesn’t get invited to speak simply on the basis that she believes in something silly! Perhapse I am being a bit unfair, after all she can’t choose whether or not to believe in memetics. Its just luck that she has all the good memes and unfortunate for me that I have some of the nasty memes.

    Sometimes I think ‘New atheism’is just a combination of Logical Empiricism and the mythologisation of Darwin and his theory of natural selection to produce a heady mix of scientism and pseudo-religion. Maybe that’s just the nasty memes talking though!

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