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Podcasts of note

The Backdoor Broadcasting Company has a number of interesting philosophy podcasts on its site, most recently from The University of London’s Institute of Philosophy conference on The Future of Philosophy: Metaphilosophical Directions for the 21st Century. Full archive of philosophy-tagged podcasts is here. Regular readers will I’m sure already be familiar with tpm’s own Baggini’s Philosophy Monthly podcast and the regular iTunes philosophy chart-topper Philosophy Bites.

New issue

The latest issue of tpm is now in UK shops and with UK subscribers, and will be arriving state-side soon. From December 7th, selected content from the magazine will start to appear on this website. You can subscribe to tpm here.

Student conferences

UK based teachers of philosophy A Level or IB may be interested in a series of one-day student conferences at which tpm editor Julian Baggini will be speaking in February and March. More details here.

Raising money for dementia research

tpm editor Julian Baggini is taking part in a 24-hour squashathon this evening, in aid of The Alzheimers Society. You can support this very worthwhile cause by donating online here. We should point out that Julian will not personally be playing on-stop for 24 hours!

Video diversion

If you’re after a 2-minute amusement in your coffee break, this short film by tpm editor Julian Baggini about his new book should do the trick…

Pop culture week at tpm

July 13-17 is popular culture week at tpm. Each day we’ll be publishing a different article from our series of edited extracts from Blackwell’s philosophy and popular culture series, featuring South Park, Metallica, Family Guy, The Office and Watchmen.

Nietzsche contra Wagner

This week is the last chance to see an interesting play on the London fringe about Nietzsche’s break with Wagner. Twilight of the Gods by Julian Doyle is running at The Courtyard theatre. Full details here.

Extra podcast

TPM editor Julian Baggini has just released a special extra edition of his Philosophy Monthly podcast, a discussion between five shortlisted authors for the £10,000 2009 Bristol Festival of Ideas book prize. Taking part are Nick Davies (Flat Earth News), Misha Glenny (McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime), Richard Holmes (The Age of Wonder), Mark Leonard (What Does China Think?) and Sara Maitland (A Book of Silence). Also shortlisted was Susan Faludi (The Terror Dream). Download or listen by clicking here or by going to the iTunes store.

New book

Jeremy Stangroom (tpm‘s new media editor) and Ophelia Benson (tpm associate editor) have just published a new book, Does God Hate Women?, “The new book from high profile philosophy writers Ophelia Benson and Jeremy Stangroom (authors of the hugely successful Why Truth Matters), exploring a topical and controversial religious and cultural issue in a highly accessible manner. This fascinating book explores the role that religion and culture play in the oppression of women.” More info here.

New philosophy and culture magazine

The Point is a twice-yearly print journal being launched by three University of Chicago graduate students committed to publishing rigorous essays on ideas and life. Like TPM, it seeks to “bring philosophy to the public without sacrificing the integrity of ideas”. Issue one is online here.