January podcast

This special edition comes from Puebla, Mexico, at the Ciudad de las Ideas (City of Ideas) festival. The guests are Randy Cohen, writer of The New York Times’s The Ethicist column; Bad Thoughts author Jamie Whyte; and “new atheist” Sam Harris.

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  1. Why was Sam Harris allowed to get away with comparing the religous to racists, does Julian think this is fair and accurate? Personally, I think it’s a pretty disgusting comparison.

    And does Sam Harris see himself as the Martin Luther King Jr. of Atheism? Are atheists even descriminated against at all? I have never experienced it. Perhapse, if I was one of those atheists that liked to tell every single Christian I met that they are automatically an irrational idiot, I might have eperienced it before now! But that would be a different thing entirely.

    Maybe it helps sell more books!

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